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Stump Grinding

Are you tired of tripping over that large tree stump in your yard or on your property?

Have you been thinking about requesting some stump removal or stump grinding services but you haven’t pulled the trigger on it because you didn’t/don’t know how much stump grinding can cost in the Asheville area?

Are you in the middle of a job such as land-clearing, lot-clearing, or something similar and you’ve got a stump that is in your way?

We save you money by using the best stump grinding equipment. Don’t waste your time renting a stump grinder because by the time you rent it, haul it, learn to use it, grind your stump and take it back, you could have just called B & B Tree Service to grind your stumps.

The way we look at it is, stump grinding is not near as dangerous and hazardous as trying to remove your tree stumps by pouring corrosive chemicals (herbicides) on your tree stumps. Herbicides can leak into ground water, & put your family’s safety at risk. One other safety risk when removing a tree stump with chemicals is the possibility of it effecting other trees. So while a stump grinding service in Asheville might seem too aggressive, it’s often the best solution. We have decades of experience and use the best tree stump grinding equipment to keep us safe, and keep your property looking good after we’re finished.