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Mulch Compost & River Rock

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Mulch Composite River Rock

Homeowners use mulch for a variety of reasons:

  • Control erosion
  • Retain moisture
  • Add nutrients to the soil
  • Suppress weeds
  • Insulate plants/roots
  • Aesthetics/curb appeal

When most people think of “mulch”, they think of wood chips or other organic materials- but at B&B Tree Service, we have another option: river rock.

Types of Landscaping Rocks

When it comes to using rocks for your landscaping, there are several options:

River Rock

This is a smooth rock that is more durable than mulch. It’s ideal for drainage and works well for filling spaces between stepping stones.

Pea Gravel

Smooth gravel that works well for walkways/patios. This is a popular option, often used in areas with lots of foot traffic.


Generally used in flat areas as paver stones and often used to create an edge around a garden bed or other landscaped area.

Brick Chips

As the name indicates, these are bricks that have been crushed. They are typically used for walkways/trails but may also be used in landscaped areas. They are ideal for maintaining temperature and retaining moisture in the soil.

Lava Rock

This type of rock is useful in garden beds because they are porous and therefore useful in drainage areas. Plus, they keep weeds from growing, as long as you don’t allow soil to get between the rock and the fabric layer.

Things to Know about River Rock

If you are considering river rock for your landscaping needs, there are some things you should know:


River rock is about three to six times more expensive than organic mulches such as compost, wood chips, or shredded bark. However, since rocks don’t decompose like organic mulches, you shouldn’t ever have to replace it. Therefore, it’s actually a lot less than organic mulch over time. River rock is not the best option for annual plants that are changed out each season- but work well for permanent installations, such as tree and shrubs.


Every few years, you’ll need to remove and replace organic mulches. Some will decompose, which means you’ll only need to replace it. However, river rock will not need to be replaced. You may need to wash it or add new stones on top- but you will never need to remove or replace it completely.

Soil Nutrition

While organic mulches decompose into the soil, providing it with necessary nutrients for trees and plants to grow, rock does not. Therefore, if you have river rock or other composite mulch, you may need to give your plants some supplemental nutrients.

Weed Control

When used in combination with landscape fabric river rock effectively prevents the growth of weeds that will take away the nutrients needed by trees and plants without reducing the movement of air and water. Aggressive weeds may still penetrate river rock mulch, which may require some hand weeding, but overall, it controls weeds better than organic mulches.


If you are in an area where wildfires are a major concern, it’s important to understand that there are certain types of mulch that can fuel fires, such as rubber or organic mulches. This allows the fire to move to nearby structures. However, materials such as crushed gravel, river rock, sand, and other rock materials are fireproof. Therefore, its best to avoid placing organic mulch within 5 feet of homes or other structures and instead use river rock or other composite mulch options.

Other Fun Facts about River Rock & Landscaping Stone

By the 19th century, landscaping rocks had become quite popular. At that time, it was referred to as rockery or rockwork. They were ideal for areas that had shallow soil and plants that needed more heat. Since 2019, river rock and other landscaping stones have increased in popularity, especially when it comes to curb appeal. Organic mulch becomes disheveled looking over time, whereas rocks maintain their beauty.

If you are in need of mulch and want something different, contact B&B Tree Service to learn more about our Composite River Rock and other mulch options.