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Grading & Hauling

Before you begin any construction or development on a property, there are lots of things that need to be done. First of all, you must make sure that the land you’re working on is conducive to the project you wish to complete. In some cases, you need to improve the quality of the land with land grading. Land grading is the process of reshaping the surface of the ground.

This is often done to prepare the property for new construction, though it may also be done when there are drainage issues on the property. At B&B Tree Service in Asheville, North Carolina, we are equipped to take care of your land grading needs. We can also take care of hauling in dirt and hauling out dirt and debris when necessary.

Land Grading Explained

Basically, land grading is the process of leveling the surface of the property. This usually means that we move dirt from high areas of the property and move it to the lower areas to smooth the surface. Sometimes, the dirt that is available isn’t enough, so we will haul in additional dirt to complete the job.

Reasons for Land Grading

Land grading is critical in the planning and execution of a project because it allows them to consider the elevation of the land at certain points. This information is needed to ensure the structural integrity of the building’s design. Land grading modifies the surface of the land to the desired elevation, determined by engineering surveys, layouts, and evaluations.

Land grading also helps to lay out a sturdy foundation, which is the most critical and integral part of any structure- whether commercial or private. It’s not only critical for the structure of the building to have an even surface, it’s also helpful to have runoff drain away from the foundation instead of towards it. Negative drainage is when the water runoff flows towards the foundation, which can cause the foundation to become cracked and affect the structural integrity. Proper positive drainage is one of the benefits of land grading.

While the finished surface may be flat, it may also be sloped because of drainage specs and other design purposes. For example, if you want to build a brick walkway, you need a flat surface to set the bricks. However, you also need to have a sloped surface to ensure water runoff flows away from it.

Do You Need Land Grading Services?

This depends on the suitability of the property where you are planning your construction project. Land grading creates ideal topography for a variety of projects, to avoid unwanted runoff, sedimentation, and erosion that would occur on ungraded property.

Land grading is critical for most construction projects because it solves current and avoids future drainage problems.

Hiring a Grading Contractor

At B&B Tree Service, one of the many services we offer are grading and hauling. We can level the surface of your property by moving dirt from one area to another, hauling out any excess dirt, or hauling in additional dirt when needed. Here are a few things to think about when hiring a grading contractor:


First of all, you need to consider their experience. We have the experience necessary to ensure quality work. Since grading is critical to ensure the success of your construction project, you want to make sure to choose someone you can trust. We are equipped and experienced in working with both residential and commercial properties.

Ask Questions

When you schedule your consultation with us, make sure that you ask any questions you have and bring up any concerns. We want you to be fully educated on what will be done when we provide you with our quote. We will also make sure that you fully understand everything that is included in our quote, and we never charge any unnecessary fees.

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