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Wood Chipping

If you’ve hired B&B Tree Service to trim or take down your trees, you don’t have to be concerned with debris being left behind. We will take the time to chip up the wood and either haul it off for you or if you wish, we can leave it for you to use in your landscaping or other projects.

Some of the common reasons you may need to hire a wood chipping service:

  • After trees/large shrubs have been trimmed
  • When demolition is done on your property
  • Following a storm where trees/branches have fallen
  • When we take down diseased/damaged trees
  • When doing land clearing/defensible space work

If any of the above apply to you, consider contracting B&B Tree Service to take care of your wood chipping needs.

Wood Chipping is Not a DIY Project

Every year in the United States, thousands of people are injured and more than 100 people are killed when they try to do wood chipping themselves. Our wood chipping service is the most convenient option in or near Asheville, North Carolina and it’s also the safest option for you. Plus, it may actually be more economical in the long run.

While it may look easy, wood chipping requires a lot of time and it makes a big mess. Plus, when you try to DIY, you have the additional cost of renting a chipper and having it taken to your property.

Why Use Wood Chips for Landscaping?

Proper installation of mulch around the base of trees and plants is critical to their overall health. While you can purchase mulch at your local garden supply store, it’s important to note that not all mulch is created equal. The one that provides the most benefit to your plants and trees is natural wood chips. Here are some advantages of wood chips:

Wood chips feed the soil

One of the major benefits of wood chips is they rot and feed the soil, which then provides necessary nutrients to your plants and trees.

Wood chips regulate ground temperature

Wood chips maintain a good temperature near the roots of your plants and trees, keeping them cool during the hot summer temperatures and warm during those harsh winter cold snaps.

Wood chips regulate moisture

Wood chips prevent evaporation of water from the soil, which conserves water- saving on your utility bill- because you don’t have to water your plants as often. Plus, it reduces the risk of your trees becoming drought-stressed.

Wood chips reduce waste

Wood chips are a natural byproduct of tree removal and trimming. If not reused, this debris often ends up at the landfill, where it will decompose without oxygen. This created methane, which is a greenhouse gas that is much more toxic than carbon dioxide, which is terrible for the environment.

Wood chips are readily available

Since wood chips are a natural byproduct of tree removal and trimming, we have an almost endless supply at B&B Tree Service. We’ll be happy to bring some out to you or to chip up the wood that we remove from your property.

Wood chips provide beauty to your landscape

Trees come in a variety of textures and colors, so it makes sense that wood chips would as well. They are a nice contrast to the greenery of your garden or yard.

Wood chips suppress weeds

Wood chips block light from getting down to the weeds underneath your garden or landscaped area, which means they can’t grow and take away from the resources that your plants and trees need to thrive.

Wood chips prevent your trimmer or lawn mower from damaging tree trunks

Since wood chips suppress weeds, you won’t have to get your trimmer or lawn mower close to the trunk of the tree. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about damaging it and threatening the health of the tree.

Wood chips remove the need for chemical nutrients

Since wood chips naturally rot, feeding the soil, you don’t have to worry about supplementing with chemical nutrients. While chemicals do give your plants and trees a boost, they are harmful in the long run.

Wood chips won’t become hydrophobic

Store-bought mulch, or triple-shred mulch, is thin and often will clump together, creating a barrier between water and tree roots. Wood chips are chunky and shaped irregularly, which allows water to flow easily, nourishing the roots of your plants and trees.

Make Use of Your Tree Debris

If you have a tree or limbs that have fallen due to a storm or you have trees that need to come down on your property, consider allowing B&B Tree Service to use our woodchipper to create something useful. We can leave them for you to use on your landscaping or other projects or we can haul them off so that someone else can use them.

If you’re in or near Asheville, North Carolina, B&B Tree Service is here to help you. We have affordable rates and provide expert service and always ensure 100% satisfaction.