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Tree Planting Service

One of the best ways to improve the natural aesthetics of your property is to plant new trees. Choosing a new tree for your property and watching it grow over the years can be a lot of fun. New trees not only increase the beauty of your property but also your property value.

While the idea of planting a tree sounds easy- there’s more to it than choosing a spot and digging a hole. You must also consider the type of tree, the soil conditions, sunlight to the area, and ensure that it has the space it requires to grow. Therefore, if you want to plant trees on your property in or near Asheville, North Carolina, you should call or tree experts at B&B Tree Service.

We provide tree planting services to many clients, so you can be sure that your new tree will be planted properly in a location where it can thrive. We take the time to evaluate the condition of the soil and the space you have available to choose the best type of tree that will thrive on your property. We will show you the best spot to plant your tree so that it can get the sunlight and nutrients it requires. We are also able to transplant trees to a better spot on your property if they are not thriving where they are.

Benefits of Planting a New Tree

Planting new trees on your property brings several benefits. The most obvious one is that it improves the aesthetics of your property, as it can be worked into the current landscape. The extra shade helps, especially on those hot summer days, because it keeps the temperature around it lower. This makes it easier to keep your home cool, so your energy bill should be lower. It will also improve the air quality around your property.

New trees protect your property against wind and rain, so your risk of flooding is reduced. Finally, the natural beauty and added protections increase your property value.

If you want to plant new trees on your property, or have some of your current ones moved, contact the professional tree company at B&B Tree Service in Asheville, North Carolina.

Planting New Trees

When you are choosing a new tree to plant on your property, there are several things you must consider, including the space you have available, the condition of the soil, and the amount of sunlight that reaches the area.

B&B Tree Service has the knowledge and expertise to assess these things and help you choose a tree that will thrive in those conditions.

Once you have chosen a tree, one of our tree experts can work with you to determine the ideal spot on your property so that it will get the sunlight and nutrients it needs to grow to full size.

Transplanting Existing Trees

We commonly have clients who have trees that either grew naturally or were planted in an area that is not conducive to the tree’s health. Maybe it’s not getting enough sunlight or other nutrients, so it’s not doing well. If this is your situation, our tree experts can transplant your trees to a better location.

We know how to uproot the tree without causing damage and replant it where it can get the sunlight and nutrients it requires. If you have a tree that you think may need to be transplanted, contact B&B Tree Service for a consultation. We will take the time to assess the tree’s health and determine whether it needs to be transplanted or if something else needs to be done.

Contact Your Local Tree Service Professionals

Whether you want to have a new tree planted or an existing tree transplanted, it’s important to let the professionals take care of it. This will increase the chances that the tree will survive and thrive. Our tree experts at B&B Tree Service can advise you on the best tree for your property and the best location for that tree. We can also save existing trees by transplanting them or suggesting some of our other services.