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Tree Limb Removal Services

If you have a tree on your property in Asheville, North Carolina that has one or more branches on it that look like they need to be removed, you need to contact B&B Tree Service.

There are several reasons why you might want to have tree limbs removed:

  • Damage due to insects, storms, people, disease, etc.
  • Make landscape maintenance easier

Typically, homeowners have lower limbs of trees removed with the future in mind.

Low Branches Interfere with Landscaping

Overstory trees typically live for approximately 300 years and may reach a height of 60 to 75 feet, depending on the species of tree. As the tree grows taller, the branches remain the same distance from the ground. This means that it may get in the way of people moving around under the tree or trying to mow the grass. It may also cause damage to buildings and other structures if not properly handled- which sometimes means it must be removed.

Most of the time, homeowners are more tolerant of low branches because lawn equipment is smaller and easier to maneuver. However, in public spaces, such as parks, the equipment is much larger and there is more activity under the tree with people having picnics, playing sports, lounging in the shade, etc. As these lower limbs become larger, they often become a nuisance and may even be dangerous.

When to Hire Tree Limb Removal Services in Asheville

Whether in a residential or public setting, it can help the overall health of the tree by having a few of the lower branches removed annually. The ideal time to do this is at least 3 years after the tree was planted or until the lowest limbs reach the desired distance from the ground. Of course, this depends on the amount of activity going on under the tree- the higher the lowest limbs should be.

Ideally, this should be done in the winter months when the tree is dormant. By doing this, it doesn’t cause as much stress on the tree, and it helps reduce the risk of exposing the cut to disease and insects.    

Most of the time, low branches are not really a major issue until the tree has been growing for several decades. However, if you wait for this to happen and then try to correct it, you will spend more money and may end up with ugly trees. Over the years, lower limbs grow outward and thicken. Ultimately, they become too large and dangerous for the homeowner to handle, and they must hire a professional tree service. This is common in public areas, which means the community ultimately bears the cost.

In addition to the work and the cost involved in removing problem tree limbs, you must also consider the aesthetics of the tree. A tree that was once beautiful will now have a huge hole where the limbs were removed. This isn’t something that most homeowners consider while a young tree is growing.

Properly maintaining trees when they are young shows concern for the environment and preservation so that the trees can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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If you have property in or near Asheville, North Carolina, and you have trees, contact B&B Tree Service. We offer a variety of services to keep your trees healthy and thriving. One of the services we offer is limb removal. If a limb has become a problem- or could be a problem in the future- we can take care of it. We will be happy to come out for a consultation and show you what needs to be done to your trees to improve them.