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Land & Lot Clearing Services

If you have a property that is untouched and you want to build on it, you’ll need land and lot clearing services. After all, this is the very first step to any commercial or residential land development project. In order to prepare the site for building, you’ll need to remove trees, bushes, and other obstacles to make the land clean and smooth.

How Does it Work?

When you hire B&B Tree Service to take care of your land and lot clearing, you don’t have to worry about anything. We will make sure the job is done right the first time. You’ll want to start by scheduling a consultation. We will come out and take a look at your property and discuss your goals for the property. Then, we’ll come up with a plan to clean it up.

This may involve things like:

  • Stump grinding
  • Tree removal
  • Tree limb removal
  • Brush removal

What are Some Advantages of Land and Lot Clearing?

There are several advantages of land and lot clearing services:

Makes land usable

If a piece of property is useless or uninhabitable, land and lot clearing services are often required. Once the clearing process is complete, the property is accessible and can be used for a variety of reasons: to build a home, park, recreational area, etc.

Makes land safe

One of the primary reasons to engage land and lot clearing services is to improve the safety of the property. Typically, before these services, the land is filled with trash, dead or overgrown trees, rotting wood, pests, and more. This is dangerous, not only to the property owner, but to the surrounding community as well.

Stops spread of disease

As mentioned above, once a property reaches the point of requiring land and lot clearing, it is because it is unsafe. It is often filled with things like rotting wood, which is often diseased. These diseases can spread to neighboring properties, which will kill those trees as well. Additionally, these trees often attract termites and other pests, which only exacerbate the situation. By removing them, we stop the spread of disease.

Improves the aesthetics of the land

One of the best things about land and lot clearing is that it improves the curb appeal of your property. Prior to these services, it is often an eyesore. However, clearing the property begins the process of turning it into something nice to look at.

Promotes Health Tree and Plant Growth

When your property is overgrown, the chances of plants and trees surviving and thriving decreases. By clearing the property, we give the plants and trees more access to water, sunlight, and nutrients- which promotes healthy growth, ultimately increasing the aesthetics of the property.

Reduces Risk of Fire

When a property is overgrown, the risk of fire is increased. Land and lot clearing services removes rotting tree stumps, dead plants, and other threats, which reduces the risk of wildfire and protects surrounding properties.

B&B Tree Service Can Help

If your property is in or near Asheville, North Carolina, B&B Tree Service can help with your land and lot clearing needs. We offer services for residential and commercial property owners. We can remove large trees, plants, shrubs, underbrush, and anything else you need. We can load it up and haul it off or we can chip it and leave you with wood chips for next season.

We customize our services based on what you need, and we will do everything we can to ensure that you are 100% satisfied. Contact us today to schedule your consultation. One of our tree contractors will visit your property and discuss your needs and goals for your property. You can be sure that our land and lot clearing services are accurate, fast, and affordable.