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F.A.Q. Tree Service

Tree Service Questions

Is Tree Removal Covered by Insurance?

While we cannot speak for everyone’s insurance companies, we do know that there are certain events that may be covered. Insurance companies expect homeowners to take responsibility for trees, shrubs, etc. on their own land. Neglecting to do so may void your insurance policy and leave you with a horrible mess to deal with on your own.

When is it time to remove a tree?

The size of the tree, storm damage, disease or infestation, or Angel (leaning), or Aesthetics are reasons to remove a tree.

What is the benefits of tree topping?

The main purpose behind tree topping is to eliminate the risk factor for storm damage. The probability of strong winds affecting a tree depends mainly on the length of the trees’ limbs and its height. Proper topping reduces the potential risk of this occurring. Tree topping is also carried out to decrease impedance with electrical cables or a bigger tree without losing the tree.