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How do I remove a tree stump from my yard?

Have you recently had a tree cut down that left a large stump behind? Or maybe you had one cut down a long time ago and you find yourself tripping over the stump and it has become an eyesore. Once a tree is removed and the debris is carried away there is always the last stubborn piece of the tree left behind. If you have ever wondered how to remove a tree stump from your yard or property, B&B Tree Service has a solution for you. We recommend stump grinding as the preferred method of removal.

First, let’s look at a few ways people attempt to remove stumps from their properties and why they are not always the best solution.

Hand Digging

If you have had a very small tree removed, around the width of an ax handle, you can most likely remove the stump by digging it out. However, if your tree had any sustainable growth to it hand digging is going to be very difficult and back-breaking work. You also must consider what type of tree was growing because they all have varying root systems. These root systems can vary in depth, width, size and more. If you attempt to hand dig a tree stump out, you may find it is just too big of a project to handle alone.

Pulling a Stump Out via Vehicle

It can be very tempting to assume it would be effective to pull a stump out the ground with a truck, or another type of vehicle, but it can be dangerous. For the same reasons as hand digging removing stumps can be more complicated than they appear. Yet, when you add the force of pressure onto a tree stump by pulling it, the stump can shatter. Chunks of wood and flying debris can injure those around you, as well as cause property damage. Besides, if your vehicle is not designed for heavy-duty work, you could damage it. Sometimes, stumps win the tug-of-war game.

Removing a Stump with Chemicals

There are products currently on the market that can be purchased to chemically speed up the process of decay within a stump. However, this form of stump removal is not a short-term solution but rather very long-term and could, in fact, last years. In addition to the long-term wait if your stump is near a water supply to a home or farm you could be harming yourself. Many of these chemicals are toxic and have negative impacts on the environment. The chemicals could also seep into the root systems of other trees that you want to keep on your property and kill them in the process.

Burning out a Stump

Finally, many people attempt to burn out a stump. However, the downside is you must wait for the stump to fully dry out before you can burn it. Eventually burning out a stump will work; however, someone must be readily available to tend to the fire. This can also be an issue, especially in the Asheville area, because often there are burn bans due to weather conditions.

Stump Grinding

So, what is the best solution to remove a stump? B&B Tree Service recommends stump grinding! Stump grinding is removing a stump via a machine that literally chews up the wood into tiny pieces. These tiny pieces can then be added to your compost or mulch pile and recycled. Another added benefit to stump grinding is that it can be used on both freshly cut stumps and old ones. This means that you do not have to wait for a stump to dry out over time before removing it.  Stump grinding is the quickest and easiest way of removing any stumps on your property.

There are places that will rent stump grinding equipment. However, by the time you pick it up, return it, invest time into learning how to use the equipment you have lost money. Let B&B Tree Service help with your stump removal and simplify the process. Stumps are an eyesore, but we can help you beautify your property. Call us today for any of your arbor needs!