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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Remove Trees

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional to Remove Trees 

Many homeowners reach a point where they decide that an old tree has dominated their yard for too long, and decide to simply have it removed, so as to open up the yard and create more space. It’s also true that some strong and healthy trees become damaged by storms or lightning, and have to be removed for safety’s sake. Whatever the reason necessitating the removal, it’s always better to have the job done professionally rather than on your own, unless you happen to be an expert do-it-yourselfer. Here are some of the most important reasons why you should let the pros do it, and save yourself all the time and trouble.

They’re insured and bonded

Any good tree removal specialist will be insured and bonded, so if any kind of accident should occur, you would not be held responsible just because the incident occurs on your property. The contractor’s insurance company would cover any costs associated with the incident, rather than your own company. Being insured and bonded also means that your contractor has a business license, and has made payments to a surety company for a bond which will serve as a kind of guarantee for their work.

If you are unhappy with the contractor’s work, and they haven’t fulfilled the terms of the agreement you reached with them, or if they do not complete the work in the agreed-upon time frame, you would have recourse to make a claim against that bond to be reimbursed. If any damage accrues to your property as a direct result of the work done by the contractor, you could also file a claim on that bond to cover the cost of any repairs which are necessary.


There are definitely some inherent dangers associated with tree removal, falling branches being chief among them. Operating a chain saw is also not without its own set of risks, although a skilled contractor should be able to avoid all of these. The point is that some unpredictable hazards can pop up at any time during an operation that typically takes several hours, and an experienced contractor will have been exposed to most of these at least once already. That means he/she should be well aware of the potential dangers, and can take the appropriate steps to avoid them.

You won’t have to cleanup

If you’ve ever observed a tree removal, especially that of a large tree, you’ll know that it leaves quite a mess. There are branches, twigs, and leaves all over the yard, and if you had to clean all that up, it might take the better part of a day – and then you’d also have to dispose of all that material. When you hire a contractor to do the removal for you, you won’t have to worry about any of that. All the cleanup and all the removal will be done by the contractor, and you can just go outside afterward to enjoy your newfound yard space.

Completion time is faster

Because a tree removal specialist has performed this kind of operation many times, they will always know the fastest and most efficient way of removing any given tree. If you were to do the job yourself, you would undoubtedly take much longer than a knowledgeable specialist, simply because you lack the technique and the understanding about how to bring down the tree in the most effective manner. You can be sure that a specialist will find the quickest way of accomplishing the task, because they’ll probably be on to the next job right afterward.

Less risk to nearby structures

If you tried to accomplish the tree removal yourself, you might easily make an amateur mistake, such as toppling some large section of the tree on your neighbor’s garage. Even worse, you could drop a huge branch on their living quarters and cause major damage – which you would be responsible for repairing. This is a known hazard which professionals can prevent by using their special knowledge of tree removal. Taken all together, these reasons make it practically a no-brainer that you should defer to the professionals when considering a tree removal.