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Where to get Mulch?

Where to get Mulch? 

As most gardeners are aware, there are tons of benefits to applying mulch on your garden and around your plants. Mulch will prevent the soil from drying out, and it keeps the ground cooler in summer, so roots aren’t as susceptible to the effects of extreme heat. It also prevents the evaporation of water from any soil which it’s applied over, and that can be a life-saving benefit for plants in the area.

This is especially true if you’re undergoing any kind of drought situation or water shortage in your region, because when this kind of dry spell is ongoing, any water in the soil becomes priceless. Mulch will also limit the growth of weeds wherever it’s applied, and those weeds which do appear are much easier to pull out so they can’t compete with your plants for the vital nutrients in the soil.

Where you can find mulch 

Now that you’re aware of how beneficial mulch can be in your garden and around any plants that you’re growing, you’ll need to know where you can obtain the best mulch. Anyone living in the state of North Carolina, or in that general vicinity, will have access to a terrific mulch yard which has recently opened for business as part of the B&B Tree Service family of businesses. This mulch yard is at the Fairview, NC location, and you’ll be able to pick up any of several different mixtures of mulch, depending on the color and mixture you prefer. 

At that same location, you’ll be able to obtain smooth river rock, which you can also put to good use in your garden. Many homeowners use these smooth stones to edge their gardens, to build fieldstone fireplaces, and as patio stones for a walkway. Bring your truck and load up as many stones as you need from the Fairview location of B&B Tree Service, and enjoy your summertime project for home improvement.

Other benefits provided by mulch 

You might be surprised to learn just how many benefits are provided by mulching your entire garden, or some individual plants around your home. Because it adds organic material to the soil, it makes your garden much healthier and more resistant to the potential effects of insects and other varmints. It also has slow-release nutrients which continue to leach into the soil over time, in effect providing ongoing nourishment to plants for quite a while.

Because it provides beneficial micro-organisms and earthworms with a food source, it increases healthy biological activity in the soil, and thus creates a better environment for your growing plants. It saves you time and energy when it comes to cultivating the soil, and it will also save on the amount of watering you have to do for any plants around which it has been placed.

It also improves overall soil drainage, as well as the soil structure while it’s in the process of decomposing. In the winter time, it can protect young plants such as seedlings from the effects of frost, which might otherwise damage immature plants. For those who are environmentalists and are concerned about sustainability, mulch is great for re-cycling waste materials such as leaves, grass clippings, branches, and other organic materials. 

Mulch also provides a home for insects which are beneficial to plants, and which help to improve the soil they’re growing in. And of course, as all gardeners are aware, mulch can be very aesthetically pleasing because it comes in many different colors and shades. With this kind of variety, it’s very easy to coordinate your mulch with other features outdoors, so that your entire yard can present a very striking appearance to observers.