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Downed Tree Cleanup – How to Get Rid of a Downed Tree

Downed trees pose a variety of hazards during storms. First and foremost, a downed tree can be a traffic hazard as it is falling or once it has already fallen, if it falls over a roadway. Trees that have fallen in a roadway should be cleaned up and at least moved to the side of the road as soon as possible. It is also common that trees falling near roadways also take out power lines and telephone lines on their way down. This can be extremely dangerous and should be left to the professionals to take care of.

Storm cleanups are ideally handled by trained, experienced tree removal specialists using state-of-the-art equipment. Sometimes, trees are so large that the cleanup job may take extensive work, skill, and equipment to remove the downed tree. It’s important to leave jobs like these for the professionals, because attempting to tackle the job yourself could result in injury. B&B Tree Service is the expert tree care company when it comes to taking care of that dangerous downed tree, and we provide quality care in our downed tree cleanup services.

A “top-down cleanup” method can be used when there is an injured tree in place that cannot be moved, blown over, or otherwise removed without creating a dangerous situation for the cleanup team or other individuals near the downed tree. This technique involves removing the main stem from the downed tree, as well as the frayed remains of any nearby limbs. The entire tree may then be removed from the area, after which the area can be treated to contain any remaining danger. This method is especially effective when dealing with large, dangerous, or remotely dangerous trees.

A second common method of storm cleanup involves the use of a “seed treatment” or “seed to plant.” In this process, a treated tree is uprooted and either left on the ground where it will be tended to by professionals, or raised into the air where it will eventually be transplanted in its new location. As this is being done, a layer of soil is applied over the roots of the tree so as to help them grow and flourish. This is also beneficial in that it helps to protect any downed trees nearby from wind damage. After being planted, a root system of young seedlings is run through the openings created by the uprooted tree.

While this method is an effective solution to tree cleanups, it can also be detrimental to small, damaged by downed trees that may not have fully developed roots or may not have fully recovered from the shock of the removal. This often results in the survival of the youngest roots, which can prove fatal for the larger, intact tree. Seed treatment is also generally effective only if the tree is uprooted from a stable area and if it has not already reached ground level. If this is not the case, it is extremely dangerous and is best left to trained professionals who specialize in this type of procedure.

For most homeowners, however, a tree cleanup is a relatively easy process that can be done by a variety of different methods. For larger tree limbs, an axe can sometimes help to free them up while using a chain saw or other cutting tool to cut them into manageable lengths. In most, if not all cases, it’s best to just call the professionals at B&B Tree Service to ensure that the job be taken care of properly and without further damage or injury.