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When is it time to remove a tree?

Trees offer natural beauty, shade, and appeal to a yard. They provide play and recreation when used for a treehouse, swing or hammock. Many of us have fond memories of a favorite tree from our childhood. From using it as home base during a game of tag or leaning against the trunk with a favorite book, trees are comforting and nostalgic. Perhaps most importantly, trees are an integral part of the ecosystem and offer fresh oxygen to all living beings. Clearly, there are numerous reasons to take care of and keep trees; however, there are also times when trees become more of a hazard than a commodity.

1). Size: Sometimes a tree will grow too large for its location. Perhaps it’s hindering a vantage point for drivers. Could it block oncoming traffic, even if you trimmed it back? If so, it certainly needs to be removed. Size could also be a factor if the tree could damage a home or structure or hurt someone should it fall. If the tree grows so large, it becomes unstable, it should be removed before it falls and causes structural or human damage.

2). Storm damage: Often times after a bad storm, trees become significantly damaged. The homeowner in conjunction with a tree care professional should decide if it’s best to remove the tree. A storm can hurt a tree beyond repair, meaning no matter what actions are taken, the tree can never go back to its original healthy state. In this situation, it would be best to remove the tree.

3). Disease or infestation: This is probably the most obvious reason to remove a tree. One, trees that have disease or infestation are often beyond treatment. If it gets to a point where the disease is obvious, it’s usually untreatable. Further, if you leave it too long, the disease or infestation could potentially spread to other trees causing a worse, more damaging issue.

4). Angle: After years in existence, trees can start leaning in a precarious way. If the lean of a tree could potentially make it fall and become a hazard, it’s best to remove it. Take notice of the leaning tree’s location. If it fell into an open yard or field, it may not be a big problem, but if it could fall on your home or a child’s play area then it could certainly cause troublesome damage.

5). Aesthetics: Some folks want to remove a tree simply because it looks bad. Maybe there is overcrowding in your yard or the tree prevents other landscaping from happening. In other instances, the tree is blocking a view or covering up a lovely home façade. Whatever the reason, aesthetics can be a reason to remove a tree.

It is not recommended that you remove a tree on your own. While it may seem easy to do, it is a very complicated and potentially dangerous process. The team at B&B Tree Service Tree can offer a consultation and estimate to ensure your tree is removed safely and correctly. Call us today.