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How to Prevent Storm Damage

Every year, a great deal of damage is done to home residences by storms that blow through the area unpredictably. However, much of this damage is preventable. There are always steps you can take which will limit the damage, rather than just crossing your fingers and hoping that Mother Nature doesn’t ravage your house. Here are some positive steps you can take which will help you prepare for a coming storm, and which will tend to limit any damage which occurs as a result of it.

Remove dead trees

If you have any dead trees in your yard or in the surrounding area, these should be removed prior to the arrival of any storm system. Any strong winds which might be accompanying such a storm might easily whip up sections of a dead tree in your yard, and hurl it into the house itself. This can cause tremendous damage, breaking windows and cracking your siding. While you might not have the wherewithal to remove the dead tree yourself, you can contact a professional tree removal service such as B&B Tree Service to have it done for you.

Remove underbrush

Underbrush in your yard or in the immediate area around your house can be just as much a problem as a dead tree, in that it can easily be picked up by strong winds and blown into your house to cause damage. Any foliage you have situated around the household which is not secured, is subject to being picked up by the wind and hurled around with great force.

Prune Branches

It’s a good idea to prune the branches of any trees or shrubbery you have in the proximity of your house, so that vulnerable and weak branches are not pulled from the main trunk by the wind, and scattered throughout the area. Pruning the branches of trees and shrubs in your area will ensure that all plants are strong and healthy, and that there are no loose branches which can be torn off the main part of the plant, and re-directed elsewhere. This not only keeps your trees and bushes healthy, but it will remove a major source of potential flying debris which strong winds might get hold of to cause damage.

Check gutters and debris

Any loose debris which is sitting in your yard, or which is resting in the gutters around your house, is prime material for strong winds to lift up and hurl through the air. Leaving toys and other materials out in your yard is fine, until a strong storm system comes through your area, and then it becomes very dangerous. Each object might then become a potential missile aimed at your house. As soon as you become aware that a storm is on the way, you should make sure that your gutters are clear, and that all debris has been cleared up from your yard, so that you reduce the amount of ammunition any storm has.

Contact the professionals

Most homeowners simply don’t have the equipment to remove dead trees and other large items of debris that might be surrounding their households. If you’re not sure about the proper methods to be used for removing underbrush, pruning branches, and completely removing dead trees, you should contact B&B Tree Service to have it done for you.

Our friendly professional specialists will have all the equipment and the expertise necessary to remove potentially dangerous objects from your yard, so they can’t become small bombs hurled at your household. Our service is very professional and very thorough, and it’s also the most affordable in the area. If you’re concerned about the potential cost, just think about what it would cost you if your house were to suffer damage from a large flying object whipped into the air by a powerful storm.