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Reasons to Remove Underbrush, Large Trees, and Debris

Reasons to Remove Underbrush, Large Trees, and Debris

One of the responsibilities of being a property owner of a parcel of land is to maintain its health and usability. Especially in the mountains of Western North Carolina where we have a lot of varying vegetation and habitats, but this is also true for land throughout the country. Let’s look at some reasons to remove underbrush, large trees, and haul away the debris from your land.

If you have ever attempted to walk through an area that has not been maintained over the years you will notice that it can be difficult. Underbrush that is left unattended can rapidly grow and create entanglements of vegetation. These can be vines, briars, dog hobble and other plants that are unsightly as well as hinder the full use of your property. In time these types of plants can also damage the health of the trees that are growing.

Certain types of vines and vegetation are parasitic to trees and will even climb the trunks of them to gain access to sunlight. Over time underbrush will use up the nutrients in the soil leaving none for plants that you want to grow and flourish.

One of the most important reasons to remove underbrush is that it is a major fire hazard. Preventing forest fires should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds due to the issues we have been witnessing on the daily news. Even the U.S. Forest Service uses prescribed fire to rid national lands of underbrush to keep the threat of wildfires down. Underbrush is a prime contingent in helping fires spread quickly and having it removed can protect structures on your property.

One of the benefits of removing underbrush is it also makes your land look more beautiful and not unkempt. This in turn also improves the value of your home!

When it comes to removing trees though it can be a bit more emotional to remove them. Many home and landowners appreciate the aesthetic value of a tree near their home. Yet, there are still times that you should consider removing a large tree.

Perhaps the best reason for removing a tree would be for safety concerns. Trees, just like underbrush, need to be maintained for health. Over time as trees grow they can grow too close to a home and become a hazard. Large storms and winds can cause them to fall or break loose limbs damaging your home or other buildings.

Nevertheless, the health of trees can decline like anything else and if a tree is dying it becomes even more of a safety concern that needs to be addressed. As a dying tree is more suspectable to falling and damaging property.

The root systems of trees can also create issues if they were planted too close to a home. It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to make this mistake initially and as trees grow their roots can grow into septic systems, foundations of homes, patios and even pavement. Once this happens larger issues can occur costing property owners even more money in the long run. Trees are living organisms that will find a way to survive by expanding their roots.

Finally, another concern for property owners could be the dropping fruit, sap, pollen, and leaves a tree produces. These things can damage patio furniture, lawns, be unattractive, and create premature rot of any number of things you may own. Or a tree could simply be blocking a view of something you wish to see.

It may not be the easiest decision to make, as opposed to underbrush,  but there could come a time when it is time to remove a tree that you have enjoyed for years. But then it is also important that once the underbrush or tree has been destroyed that the debris is removed. Leaving debris lying around can create some of the same issues as underbrush. Such as fire hazards and looking unkempt.

Here at B&B Tree Service, we offer a variety of services to assist you in the removal of underbrush, trees, and the byproduct of debris. We can assist you in stump grinding, cutting trees into firewood, or even creating compost and mulch to be used in other projects you have in mind. For more information on all of our services contact us today!