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When should you mulch in spring?

Today is the first day of spring and we could not be happier that it has arrived! The weather is warming up, even though there will still be a few cold snaps, but Spring is Here! With spring many of you may be beginning to consider what your projects will be for the warmer months. One of those projects may be laying down fresh mulch or other landscaping projects. Today B&B Tree service wants to answer one of our most asked questions, “When should you mulch in spring?”

First, let’s look at what the purpose of mulch is.

What is the purpose of mulch?

Mulch has several purposes in how it can improve your landscape projects and gardens. It can help prevent erosion, add nutrients to the soil, prevent weeds, and moderate soil temperatures.

Mulch also gives your landscaping areas a visible facelift!

When should you mulch?

As spring arrives many of us get excited to begin our projects to have our homes and businesses looking their best. However, here at B& B Tree Service, we want to let you in on an important tip, don’t mulch too early.

We recommend mulching in mid to late spring to give the soil a chance to warm up a little. Mulching acts like an insulator and if you apply it too early it can slow the soil’s natural warming process.

Especially if you are planting seedlings because they must be able to push through the soil. Normally seeds can push through a thin layer of mulch but to be safe we suggest waiting. Wait until your new plants have a little bit of time to establish themselves then add mulch to protect them.

In fact, if you have applied a layer of mulch to insulate previous plants gently pull back the layer of winter mulch as the weather warms.

You can always add more mulch as they grow, and you will most likely have to add more in the summer months due to heavy rain.

How much to mulch?

As a rule, we suggest that you apply a layer of 1-2” of mulch. This allows plants to grow without establishing their root system within the actual mulch layer. However, it still provides protection for your plants.

Before spreading mulch, you need to make sure that the area is free of weeds. One of the reasons we use mulch is to keep weeds from growing. However, if the weeds are already present the mulch will just help them to grow.

Of course, if you are laying mulch to keep anything from growing in a certain area you can apply as thick a layer as you would like. Deeper layers of mulch suffocate all plant life and prevent growth.

However, mulch is not the only way to improve your landscaping.

River Rock

B&B Tree Service also offers river rock to our customers. In our opinion, a great way to finish off an area that has been mulched is to line it with natural river rock. The river rock adds a stark contrast to the deeper color of the mulch while also acting as a barrier in case of storm runoff.

Yet, river rock is another great way to prevent plant life from becoming too established in a given area. It is perfect for laying beneath decks and around outdoor units such as HVAC systems. Our river rock is locally sourced so it will fit perfectly into the surrounding areas of your home in Western North Carolina.

Overall, spring is a time of renewal and is the perfect time to begin outdoor projects. B&B Tree service is here to help you with whatever you have planned from mulching to river rock. In fact, if you are considering taking down a tree after the winter season, we can assist you with this as well. After the tree has been cut down, we can make it into mulch for you, so it is recycled right on your property.

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