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What is a grading contractor?

Do you have an unused lot that is overgrown, and you want to do something with it? Or perhaps you have recently purchased land for either residential or commercial use, and the property needs to be cleared and prepared so the building can begin. If then you will need a grading contractor, but what is a grading contractor? B&B Tree Service is here to answer that question for you!

What is a grading contractor?

To understand what a grading contractor is, you first must understand what they do. Grading is the process of leveling out a given area for construction with heavy equipment. The equipment used can range from everything from a dump truck to excavators. The purpose of grading is to create a smooth and sturdy surface to be the foundation of whatever is being built, such as structures and roads.

Grading contractors have the expertise to operate the equipment needed to complete their jobs and must also hold Commercial Driver’s Licenses (CDL). These contractors will also have knowledge about the differing types of soil in each area and can advise their clients on what will be needed to ensure a quality grade and base for your project.

What is excavating?

However, before grading can begin the land must first be cleared of all obstacles such as organic matter, boulders, and more. The process of clearing land for construction is called excavating.

We understands how tedious and challenging clearing a lot for work to begin is. Especially within western North Carolina with its lush mountains filled to the brim with an array of plants and trees.

Whether you need to clear land on a slope or in a valley, you will likely find that removing the undergrowth and trees is not a DIY job. In fact, tackling a lot with trees can be dangerous.

Why do you need to hire a professional grading and excavating contractor?

It may be tempting to clear your property yourself, but you will quickly find it is harder than it appears. Tackling it with a chainsaw and pickup will leave you exhausted and will delay your building project from starting.

For example, you may be able to fell trees, but how are you going to remove the stumps? The roots of trees can go very deep and wide, and attempting to pull them out with a pickup can lead to damaging your vehicle. On another note, you may have a need to remove a significant obstruction such as a boulder. How would you complete that?

It is in your benefit to hire a contractor, such as Beams Tree, to assist you in this phase of your project. We have all the heavy equipment, expertise, and manpower to efficiently and quickly clear your land.

Grading should also be left to a professional because the leveling of your property is the real foundation of your structure or road. If the soil has not been compacted appropriately, your project will fail before it has even begun. This can become a severe and costly issue later after a time, and money has already been invested.

Overall, we suggest hiring a professional to meet all your grading and excavating needs, and Beams Tree is here to help you. We offer property lot clearing, dirt and gravel hauling, road grading, tree and stump removal, building pad and landscape design, and more. We have the proper heavy equipment and knowledgeable staff to complete your projects promptly. We don’t offer only tree services here but can assist you in a variety of ways. Contact us today to learn more and for a free estimate!