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5 Tree Care Tips

The team at B & B Tree service is highly skilled at all things related to trees, including tree removal, stump removal, clearing of land and more. But we also love educating our clients about tree care. We love when people support the environment by planting and maintaining new trees. If you’ve recently planted a tree, follow these important care tips to make sure it stays lovely and well.

1). Deep root watering: You know how you and your pets are thirstier during the warmer months than cooler months? Trees are no different. When the weather gets hot, trees need more water. The deep watering method is the best way to keep trees hydrated. This type of watering gets the moisture to the roots of the tree as opposed to sitting on the service and evaporating. The best time to water your tree is during the early morning hours. This gives the water time to penetrate deeply. Set your sprinklers directly under the tree facing away from the tree trunk.

2). Mulch: Not only does mulch serve as an insulator, it also protects your tree from lawn mower cuts and helps prevent dry soil. To add the mulch, remove all grass within a three to ten foot radius around the tree. Pour mulch two to four inches deep around the tree, but be sure to keep mulch from touching the tree trunk. Too much mulch around the tree’s trunk can smother the roots.

3). Fertilize: Forest trees feed off natural elements such as pine needles, leaves and other debris. In our yards, we tend to rake all of those elements away, leaving little nutritional value left for our trees. To ameliorate this, use a slow-release fertilizer. This will “feed” the tree and offer the nutrients it needs to grow strong and healthy. It’s also wise to test your soil periodically to see if essential elements are missing.

4). Prune: Tree pruning, trimming and cutting are needed throughout the tree’s life but are especially important during the early years of the tree. Taking the time to do this will give you a healthier and more beautiful tree. It will also save you money in the long run. Consistent, ongoing maintenance is less expensive and less time-intensive than one large repair project or removal.

5). Be observant of possible disease: Yellow and brown leaves coupled with poor growth are signs your tree may have acquired a disease. You may also notice limbs falling or blatant fungus. These are more obvious signs of disease. Tree disease can be treated with fungicide. Our team can help you treat your trees if you feel it has become infected. In severe cases, the disease may be so severe that the tree must be removed.

If you have further questions about taking care of your trees, let us know. The team at B & B Tree Service is here to help.